Get Out of Your Way!

For years, I never fully understood what people meant when they would say "I am my biggest critic." This all changed when I entered college ten years ago and began to live out those exact words. Being my biggest critic came with a cost. The expectations I placed on myself were so high that if I did not meet them, I believed that I had failed. Therefore, I had to make every attempt to meet the high expectations I set. Consequently, my reliance on meeting those expectations often blinded me on the accomplishments I made throughout the process and the relationships I had cultivated.

Unfortunately, when I did meet the expectations for myself or what I perceived as an expectation, I often experienced instances of imposture syndrome. Even after thriving in my career, a double bachelors, masters, and educational specialist degree, I still struggle with feeling inadequate or that I do not belong. This is because I have conditioned myself to think that if I do not reach a certain milestone, I am not doing something right or my accomplishments do not amount to those of others. Hear me closely, you are enough! Your skills, characteristics, features are enough. Learn to appreciate the things that are uniquely you. As I type this, I realize that this blog is speaking to me. My prayer is that you give yourself grace as I have learned to very recently. We are human and often fall short. We fall short on a lot of things, so as we extend grace and patience to others, we must do the same for ourselves. Do not allow your inner critic to keep you from seizing opportunities or celebrating your success(es). Yes, strive for a growth mindset but celebrate your small wins daily. Now, GET OUT OF YOUR WAY!

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